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Alkazone Make Your Own Alkaline Water, Clear, 1.25 Fl Oz

Alkazone Make Your Own Alkaline Water, Clear, 1.25 Fl Oz

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  • EASY TO USE convenient and ideal size for travel. A single bottle is 60-70 days’ supply based on 4 glasses daily. Colorless, odorless, and tasteless drop that can be added to water, coffee, juice and tea to offset acidity without interfering with the taste of your beverage.
  • THE SIMPLEST WAY TO MAKE YOUR OWN ALKALINE WATER. Just 3 drops can change purified water to alkaline water. Increase the pH levels of your drinking water to a safe level of pH 9.5- in just 3 drops!
  • BOOST YOUR DRINKING WATER WITH ENHANCED ALKALINE MINERALS. Alkaline Booster Drops is formulated with essential key alkaline minerals- potassium, magnesium and calcium. These minerals help replenish mineral reserves and buffer excess acids.
  • PERFECT FOR ALKALINE AND KETO DIET. Traditionally keto diets neglect alkaline foods which become critical for optimizing pH and therefore maintaining an optimal keto diet. Perfect dietary supplement. Enhances immune system through balancing pH levels in our body.
  • DEVELOPE BY THE PIONEERS OF ALKALINE PRODUCT founded in 1994 with a core mission to improve health through pH balance. Committed to bringing the best in alkaline supplements and bottled alkaline water
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations, when provided.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Carlos Orengo
Great value

Great value that you can add to any beverage to make it alkaline on the go.

Jorjann Barnes
Excellent product

Great for what I need

Amazon Customer
Great stuff, but my bottle came leaking.

I thought it was me that was spilling it every time I used it. But I then noticed the actual lid (where it screws on to the bottle) is cracked... and it feels like the bottle is cracked under the label.

Not very effective and questionably safe

I’ve been experimenting with these drops and pH strips I recently ordered(and tested for accuracy prior). I filled my 20oz bottle half full (using filtered water from a brita), so approx 10oz of h2o. I tested the ph and it was 6.5. I didn’t bother with exact conversion and measurements, and liberally added 6 drops and stirred the water. The ph might have rose to 6.75… so I added another 6 drops(12 drops total) and shook the bottle… still questionably 6.75. I drank the water (as I was thirsty). About an hour later, I tried the experiment with my next bottle. This time I filled it up (approx 20oz of water). Tested ph of just the water and it was still 6.5. So then I added 20 drops of aquazone and shook the bottle and ph was 6.5-6.75. So I squeezed a bunch in there, a couple big squirts- finally ph rose to 7.5.Thinking this was absurd to have add 20 drops + 2 big squirt of aquazone only raise to raise it 1 degree, I checked the insert to see if perhaps i did something incorrectly. Perhaps I needed to wait after adding it, or perhaps it couldnt be used in a stainless steel/insulated bottle, or couldn’t be used with brita filtered water, etc. I found nothing that indicated it was user error on my part. What I did find was a CAUTION warning, indicating not to use more than 16 drops/day. Oops. 😬 But I question why is this caution in there?! What will happen, if I ingest more?Even if I was able to get my water to Alkalize with the recommended drops, I’d still be ingesting way more than they caution against using daily. I drink at least 80oz of water a day. That would require at least 30-40drops. As it doesn’t work w/ the 3-4drops per 8oz of water like they claim, if I wanted alkaline water I’d be ingesting God knows how much… half a bottle/day? So I probably won’t be using these drops.

Ashley Vaughn
Love these drops

These are great & I’ll be repurchasing for sure